Pantasya (2007)

A digital feature has five episodes that all deal with wild gay fantasies involving men in uniform. It starts with “Biyahe,” about a jilted taxi driver and his jealous passenger who find comfort in each other’s lovesick arms. The second episode is “Linya,” about a lonely homeowner whose phone conks out. Two handsome repairmen arrive and they end up engaging in a dizzying threesome. Next is “Laro,” about four basketball players who are taking a shower in the locker room after an intense game, and a shy guy who takes a peek at them and later joins in the fun. “Bilis” is about a hunky delivery boy in a hurry who delivers pizza to a bored yuppie who is working overtime in his office. They get instantly attracted upon seeing each other. The last episode is “Bantay,” about a horny security guard in the graveyard shift. He sees two lovers fighting. Rhyme dumps Jon and Jon finds solace in the arms of the easy going guard.

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